Dear Students,

This Alberta Police Cognitive Ability Test (APCAT) study guide is an invaluable resource, composed of hundreds of questions that mirror the format and nature of those you will face in the APCAT exam. It is designed to comprehensively cover the topics you need to master.

Please be aware that this study guide is not a timed exam. Instead, it's a tool meant to be used at your own pace, allowing for deep and thoughtful engagement with the material. The variety of questions provided will enable you to practice and enhance your understanding of key concepts effectively.

Alberta Police Cognitive Ability Test (APCAT)

The Alberta Police Cognitive Ability Test (APCAT) Study Guide is a meticulously structured program designed to provide aspiring police constables with a comprehensive and targeted resource for excelling in the challenging entrance examination mandated by Alberta law enforcement agencies.

General Information about the APCAT

Q1. What does the APCAT measure?
A1. The APCAT test measures one’s potential to successfully complete police recruit training
and to perform effectively as a police officer in the province of Alberta.

Q2. How many questions are there?
A2. The test includes 120 multiple-choice questions.

Q3. How much time is allowed to write the test?
A3. Candidates are given 30 minutes to review a Pretest Study Booklet. They then are given 2
hours and 15 minutes to complete the test.

Q4. What do I need to do to prepare for the test?
A4. Unlike a highschool or university test, it is not necessary to study for the APCAT. The
reason is that the APCAT does not measure your knowledge of a particular subject, but
rather your ability to think and reason.

Q5. How do I arrange to take the test?
A5. If you need to write the APCAT as part of the application process for a particular police
agency, that agency will inform you of where and when you can write the APCAT.